Item #ST-0022
Ludwig, Redlich & Co Sterling Silver "RUSTICANA" Berry Spoon


This is a rare piece from the early period, showing the continuity of design that Ludwig brought from Shiebler to his new company. This spoon is from the "RUSTICANA" line, a multi-motif, not-full-line pattern advertised by Ludwig, Redlich & Co. in 1891. This advertisement is mentioned in Katherine Morrison McClinton's book "Collecting American 19th Century Silver". Aside from a set of twelve fancy coffee spoons, each with a different handle, the line included berry, ice cream, jelly, bonbon and olive spoons, as well as salad and sardine sets. I believe this piece to be the berry spoon. It measures 9" long by 2.5" wide. It is gilded in a gold wash. On the back handle is Monogrammed 1843 D.S.M. + C.S.M. - 1893. The gold wash in in nice condition, but I did not know how to clean it up and did not want to ruin the finish.

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