Item #MH-0002

"Ready to Pose" Bonded Bronze Sculpture

by Madeleine Heumann (1933-2018)


"Ready to Pose" Bonded Bronze Sculpture by Madeleine Heumann (1933-2018)



Lynn Kottler Gallery (1980)

The Estate of Artist


19"H x 9"W

Madeleine Heumann, maiden name Madeleine Elizabeth Baer, was born October 23, 1933 in France to German parents. The family moved to France before her birth so that she could be a French citizen safe from the Nazis. In the year 1941 the family fled from France to the United States. They settled in Pittsburgh, PA with the help of wealthy cousins who lived there. Later her family moved to Forest Hills Queens, NY where she went to high school. After high school she went to study at the University of Connecticut, later transferring to New York University. In 1955 she graduated with a B. S. in Education. After teaching for a short time, she began travelling extensively with her husband throughout the world. No doubt the exposure to the many museums, fine art galleries, and European cities accelerated her interest in art. In 1968, Madeleine became interested in sculpting.

She studied with Hannah Gerber and, in 1973, she became a pupil of world famous artist Chaim Gross at the New School in NYC. Chaim Gross greatly influenced her work and gave her confidence to begin showing her sculptures. This was the beginning of a lifelong friendship. Madeleine worked in stone, bronze, plaster and clay. Most of her work was done at the Artist Studio Center in Manhattan or her home in Fieldston, Bronx. She was a member of the Audubon Artists and a member of the Metropolitan Painters and Sculptors. In 1983, she was elected to the Board of the National Council on Art in Jewish Life.

Some of her important exhibitions include New School Art (1973-1979), New York Artist Equity Show (1980), Lynn Kottler Gallery (1980), Artist Studio Center (1982), Great Neck Synagogue (1982), National Council on Art in Jewish Life, Lever House (1983), Wave Hill (1983), The Artist Studio Center (1983), Guest Artist at Cork Gallery- Avery Fisher Hall, Metropolitan Painters and Sculptures (1983), Member Artist at Bankers Trust, Park Avenue Manhattan, for Metropolitan Painters and Sculptors (1984), Metropolitan Painters and Sculptors at Lever House (1985), and Member Artist of Artist, Craftsmen of New York (1987). Today the body of her work is as relevant as it was in the beginning of her established career. The sensuality, grace, and skill are as fresh and beautiful today as when first created. A bold and dynamic woman in life, she has left behind a body of work that represents the woman she was.

Chaim Gross once said, “The most talented and special artist I know, my friend and student, Madeleine.”

Madeleine Heumann passed away February 22, 2018.