Item #AT-0480

Toilers of the Sea by Walter Kohn (1886-1964) Oil on Canvas.


Toilers of the Sea
Oil on Canvas
20 x 24 unframed
27 x 31 framed
Signed Verso
On stretcher Samuel O. Buckner, M.A.I. (Milwaukee Art Institute) in pencil.
W. Cohn of the Sea Feb. 20, 1929

Collection of Samuel O. Buckner

portrait man and women in kiss

Walter Cohn was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1886. He started his study of art under the direction of Alexander Mueller (1872-1935), who was the director of the School of Fine & Applied Arts in Milwaukee, Richard Lorenz (1858-1915), who was the Director of the Wisconsin School of Design, the new name for the old Milwaukee Art School, Frederick Frary Fursman (1874-1943), and Louis Wilson (Born 1872) of Chicago. His work consists of illustration and commercial art. Mr. Cohn taught commercial design for several years at the Milwaukee State Normal School art department, under Alexander Mueller.

On his vacation trips to South America, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Panama, Mr. Cohn made numerous sketches of water and tropical scenes. His work has appeared in exhibits at the Milwaukee Art Institute Museum. The Milwaukee Art Students League, Layton School of Art, and was in the private collection of Samuel O. Buckner (1862 -1945) known as the father of the Milwaukee Art Institute, since he was president of the Milwaukee Art Museum from 1910 to 1926. Coln was a member of the Art Students League in New York City, Milwaukee Art Students League (Librarian.) School of Fine and Applied Arts. Milwaukee, and the State Normal School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He passed away in Milwaukee, 1964.
* Information from Sketch Book of Milwaukee. Undated. Courtesy of the Wisconsin Art History Library.

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