Item #AT-0470

"Spreading Oak" Oil on Board by John Joseph Enneking (1841 - 1916)


"Spreading Oak" Oil on Board by John Joseph Enneking (1841 - 1916)
Signed lower right and verso Estate Stamp and written "Spreading Oak".

The Estate of:
John Joseph Enneking

Grace E. Ward
J. Eliot Enneking ( Administrators)
Shannon's Auction
Private Collection NJ




12" x 14." W


20" x 22" W

John Joseph Enneking, painter and illustrator, was born in Minster, Ohio in 1841. He began to paint at the age of five, but was tragically orphaned at sixteen, at which point he moved to Cincinnati to live with his aunt and uncle. It was there that he took his first art classes at St. Mary's College.

During the Civil War, he served in the Union Army and badly injured, returned to Cincinnati where he took a long time to recover. He then set off to New York to start his art career, but learned that Boston was the place considered the center of culture in America.

In 1868 Enneking moved to Boston where he studied lithography and painting with Samuel Gerry. While in Boston he received a letter of introduction to Leon Bonnat, one of the more famous painters and teachers in France. Enneking and his family made a trip to Europe in 1872 that would last four years. He studied landscape painting at the Munich Academy in Germany and figure painting in Paris where his teacher for three years was Leo Bonnat. He also worked with the French Barbizon-School landscape painters, Charles Daubigny and Louis Boudin. The artist associated with Tonalist Camille Corot, Barbizon School painter Jean Millet and Impressionists Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro.

In 1876 he returned to the Boston area and settled with his family near Hyde Park, where he had a studio. His first solo exhibition in 1878 "sealed his reputation" and opened up the world of illustration (Scribner's, Harpers and other magazines) and private art lessons, both of which helped support his family.

In the early 1880s he bought a place in North Newry, Maine near New Hampshire where he painted the White Mountains. In the early spring and fall, he frequently traveled south including to Duxbury and Cape Cod. In 1915, a testimonial dinner was held for him at the Copley Plaza in Boston with over one thousand persons attending. Enneking passed away in 1916, having been honored throughout his lifetime.

Williams & Everett Gallery, Boston, 1878 (first solo)
Boston Art Club, 1874-1909
Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics' Association, Boston (medals)
National Academy of Design, 1881
New Haven Paint & Clay Club
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 1883, 1892, 1896-1902
Paris Expo, 1900 (prize)
Pan-American Expo, Buffalo, 1901 (medal)
Art Institute of Chicago, 1900, 1912
Corcoran Gallery, 1907, 1910
Pan-Pacific Expo, San Francisco, 1915 (gold)
Vose Gallery, Boston, 1917 (memorial exhibit), 1923, 1926, 1962, 1975 (all solos)
World's Fair 1904, St. Louis Exposition

Cheekwood Museum of Art &Botanical Garden, Nashville, Tennessee
Butler Institute of American Art, Ohio
El Paso Museum of Art, Texas
Farnsworth Art Museum, Maine
George Walter Vincent Smith Museum, Massachusetts
Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana
Mead Art Museum, Massachusetts
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Springfield Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts
Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, Nebraska
The Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio
The Museum of Arts and Sciences, Florida
The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Maryland
Pfeil Collection