Item #AT-0429

"Harbor Scene" by Mid Century Artist Gloria Shapiro (1922-2018)
Miniature golf


Mid Century "Harbor Scene" by Gloria Shapiro (1922-2018)
Oil on Canvas
13” x 24” Unframed
14” x 25” Framed
Signed upper left
Verso signed Gloria
Gallery label

Gloria Shapiro was a true New Yorker. Living both in New York City and in East Hampton NY with her husband Robert Shapiro a NYC Lawyer. She was a graduate of Hunter College with a degree in early childhood education. Gloria studied art at Columbia University, Hunter College, Queens College, The Victor D'Amico Institute of Art, and The Don Stacy Studio. She was influenced and part of a small group of artist and writers known as The New York School with Frank O’hara, Larry Rivers and Jane Freilicher a fellow student at Columbia. With and introduction from friend Jane Freilicher, she had the opportunity to study with Hans Hofmann. She exhibited and frequented The Cedar Tavern, hang out for artist Jackson Pollock, Willem De Kooning and Franz Kline. Her use of bright colors and impressionist-inspired technique made her paintings joyful and attractive. Known for abstract shapes and forms with vivid color to depict a singing landscape or happy harbor.

She painted interpretive still life, coastal waterscapes, cottage interiors and geometric shapes. She exhibited at The Guild Hall of East Hampton, The New School, NYC, the famous Cedar Tavern in New York city and The Victor D'Amico Institute of Art. February 7, 2017, she died at the age of 95. She is buried at the famous Green River Cemetery in Easy Hampton NY.