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Before the Dance Oil on Canvas by Georges Le Duc (1906 - 1968)


Before the Dance oil on canvas by Georges Le Duc (1906 - 1968)


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15"H x 18"W


26"H x 18"W

Born in 1906, Georges Le Duc was predominantly influenced by the artwork and society of the early 1920's. This was an interesting time for the art movement in Berlin and many other important cities around the world. For Le Duc it was a time of reflection following the horrors of the First World War, and significant shifts in politics took place across the world. The philosophy of Marxism was widespread among artist communities and groups.

Founded in 1919, the German Bauhaus School became an essential place for the development of ideas helping the unification of art, craft and design. This new idea became known as the Gesamtkunstwerk. Richard Wagner was first to use this term meaning The Artwork of the Future." Le Duc was known for his beautiful portraits of women and children, floral still life, urban landscape, and paintings depicting daily life of the common man. He exhibited in many important galleries and museums in Europe. He passed away in 1968.