Item #AT-0345

"Fleurs" Oil on Canvas by Fernand Laval (1886 - 1966)


A Charming Mid Century Modern Still Life Oil on Canvas Titled "Fleurs" by Fernand Laval (1886-1966) Dated 1953

Signed and dated on verso on the canvas edge and on the front left corner.

Framed in Gilt frame.

Measures: 20" X 16"

Fernand Laval was born in a small village outside of Paris France in the year 1886. At the age of 26 Laval arrived in Paris to being his studies and to perfect his craft as an artist.

With an early visit to the famous Lapin Agile, he met the French artist Maurice Utrillo. Working alongside Utrillo he painted in the streets of Montmartre. On November 20 1913 he married Rachel Cohen (1889-1966). In 1915 they had a daughter named Jaquline Claire (1915-2004) In early 1920, Laval exhibited a painting titled From Montmartre to Les Halles at the Salon d'Automne in Paris.In the years 1927-1929 he traveled extensively throughout the Netherlands and Brussels His subject of choice were the wonderful mills, and the Port of Antwerp. In 1929 he returned to Paris and the areas around Montmartre, the northern suburbs of Paris, the ancient City Walls of Paris, the Canal Saint-Martin and Les Halles. These areas inspired his creativity, and fed his desire to paint.

His early works tend to be brighter and full of life. Later he painted with heavy impasto composed of muted tones and heavy brush strokes exhibiting his darker mood and view of life. Less known are his brilliant landscapes, and his vivid lively still life paintings of bright spring bouquets. Through the years he exhibited in many fine galleries and museums. Some of note include the Andre Roussard Sr Gallerie, the Musée d'Art Moderne, Societe Nationale de Beaux Arts, Salon d'Automne and Societe Nationale de Beaux Arts, all in Paris. In 1963 shortly before his death he painted Renoir's House in Cagnes-sur-Mer on the Cote d'Azura titled,Les Collettes. This work is considered one of his finest.

In 1966, estranged from his wife, daughter and abandoned by all his friends, Laval died at Laennec Hospital in Paris, by his side was his girlfriend, and nephew the creator of the Gallery, 7, rue du Mont Cenis, who also represented Maurice Utrillo. After his death Laval’s work fell into oblivion, his years of work virtually forgotten. In the late 1980’s interest in the Montmartre painters began to have a revival and gained a new audience. Laval and his works began to have a renaissance and received the notice and credit that they deserved. Today they still have the incredible texture, mood, and visual impact as they did 75 over years ago.