Item #AT-0276

"Late Summer" Oil on Canvas by Roger Cornut (1925-)


"Late Summer" Oil on Canvas by Roger Cornut (1925-)
Gilt frame.




14"H x 18"W


17.75" x 21.75"

Roger Cornut was born in Lausanne Switzerland on November 16 1925. He began painting at an early age for his own enjoyment and later studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Vevey Switzerland. His work has the feel of the French Impressionist painters because of the region of Switzerland where he lived. This is the (mostly) French-speaking western part of Switzerland ("la Romandie"). Much of the architecture, language, and lifestyle is French influenced. In 1951 he moved to Canada and attended Laval University in Quebec City, Québec where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree and then his Master of Arts in Phsychology. Later in 1969 he came to the United States and moved to the west coast to San Francisco Ca. There he began his career as a clinical social worker. At the same time he set up an artist studio in his home and continued to paint. With much success coming in his artistic career, he retired from psychology and became a full time painter.

Cornut's style and technique are unmistakably inspired by the pointillist including Maximilien Luce, Paul Victor Jules Signac, and Seurat. Many fine European galleries in France, Holland, and Switzerland exhibited his work in the mid 20th century.
He also exhibited in many galleries in the United States including Carmel Ca, San Francisco Ca, and New York City. In recent years he has made a major change in his artistic orientation. He has merged his interest in psychology and the world of symbols, with his art work, producing now what may be called Existential Symbolism. The work reflects preoccupations with human's fate, mortality, sexuality, and spirituality, hopes and disappointments. His paintings are not story telling, nor "guts spilling", but rather they reflect a unique approach that is both elegant ad universal in its artistic statement. He is thought of as a French artist, but he himself considers himself a Swiss American artist.