Item #AT-0275

"Spring Bouquet" Oil on Canvas Board by Franz Leuthold


"Spring Bouquet" Oil on Canvas Board by Franz Leuthold.
Period gilt frame.




14"H x 10.75"W


17.5" x 14.5"

Franz Leuthold was born in Austria in 19th Century. Later moving to Zurich Switzerland he began his studies in fine art. In the summer of 1900 he went to Paris, where he enrolled at the School of Decorative Arts and studied under Eugène Grasset and Augusto Giacometti . Later moving back to Switzerland. In the late 1920's he went to New York City. There Leuthold was know for his Still Life Floral's and paintings of animals. Impressionistic in style he captured the feel and every detail of the subject he was painting. He exhibited in Europe and the United States. He later returned to Europe. Little else in known. Typically he signed his work F. Leuthold.