Item #AT-00266

"Late Fall" by Edward Lloyd Field (1856 - 1914)


"Late Fall Oil on canvas by Edward Lloyd Field




19.5"H x 28.5" W and 19" H x 6" W


29.5" x 38.5"


Edward Loyal Field was a late-nineteenth century landscape etcher and painter. Born in 1856, he studied art in Paris, France, under Carolus-Duran, returning to the United States in 1882. He lived and worked in Manhattan for the balance of his career. A full member of New York's prestigious Salmagundi Club, Field exhibited in major exhibitions in Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco. He died in 1914.

The Cottage by the Sea," is one of Edward Loyal Field's largest and most impressive original etchings, published in New York in 1891. Its careful delineation of detail and sense of space make it one of his best compositions. In the terminology of the Victorian era, some impressions of this print are known as "Remarque Proofs," the first to be printed from the plate. A separate, miniature etching within the lower margin would signify this. The handful of Remarques which were published would also include the artist's signature in pencil. These features would be absent from the regular edition. These initial impressions thus were and are at least twice the value.

Source: Art of the Print