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Mid Century "Paris" Colored Crayons on Paper, by Gustavo Novoa


Mid Century "Paris" Pair of Colored Crayons on Paper, by Gustavo Novoa

A wonderful example of early modern painting. This piece was done in the early 1960's when he was living in France and Europe before he started painting his later style.




19.25"H x 6.5" W and 19" H x 6" W


27.5" x 13.5"


Gustavo Novoa was born 1941 in Santiago, Chile. Coming from a family of Attorneys he attended the Academy of Fine Arts and Law School. He soon decided to only study art. Novoa began as an artist in the early '60's selling watercolors and works in crayon in the streets of Paris, principally Montmartre and other European cities. His first solo show was sponsored by the Chilean Ambassador at the Maison de L'Amerique Latine in 1961. The late Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain sponsored his second show in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1962. Later exhibiting in galleries such as Faubourg St. Honore and the Salon de la Jeune Peninture. In 1965, he made the move to New York City. He exhibited at Burgos Gallery on Manhattan's East Side. By the late sixties Novoa's subject and style had changed into his famed jungle paintings of animals and their habitat.

Novoa's solo exhibitions continued in New York, Paris, Palm Beach and Beverly Hills. These paintings and exhibitions established him as a champion of ecology and wild-life preservation. By 1981, Novoa's paintings had changed again. He began placing his animals in the center of famous city's and landmarks. After a successful run in most major city's around the world he then returned to his palette knife paintings from the 60's with a new style and a new subject matter. Today he is painting his " Adobe Style."