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Mid Century "The Red Fox" Mixed Media by Charles B. Culver (1908 - 1967)


Mid Century "The Red Fox" Mixed Media by Charles B. Culver(1908 - 1967) Signed and dedicated to New Jersey artist Roberta Clark (1922-2014)




13"H x 15"W


18.5" x 21"


Charles Beecher Culver worked hard in his youth to develop his art. In his early 20's his parents gave him money to study commercial art in Chicago.

Throughout the late 1920's and early 1930's, Culver had a variety of jobs ranging from bands playing clarinet and tenor sax, cartoonist at the Royal Oak Tribune to writing and illustrating children books. His main source of income was from working as a commercial artist at Chevrolet Studios in the General Motors Building in Detroit. However, Culver only worked at GM for money which he would save until he had enough to quit. He would then go back to Bellaire to be with his wife Florence. It was here that he would paint until his funds ran out (usually one-two years) and he had to return to his commercial artist job in Detroit.

In the late 1930's Culver started to be recognized as an artist showing exhibitions at Gordon Beer Gallery in Detroit, the Detroit Artists Market, the Michigan Artist at the DIA, Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio and International Watercolor Exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Culver had a ten year teaching career in Detroit at Arts and Crafts (later became The Center for Creative Studies-College of Art and Design). He established his humorous philosophy sending out a monthly newsletter to both the faculty and students called Topic and Talk.

Culver's work was shown in 25 solo shows in the Detroit area. At the "Exhibition for the Michigan Artists" sponsored by the DIA, he won 14 prizes including the Scarab Club Gold Medal in 1940-43.

Charles Culver died in 1967.

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