Item #AT-0212

"The Hunt" Watercolor on Paper by Henry Murray(19th Century)


"The Hunt" Watercolor on Paper by Henry Murray (19th Century)This charming watercolor is brite as the day it was painted.

Framed in a period reverse glass black painted mat in frame.

English 19th Century



12"H x 18"W


18.5"H x 23.5" W

Henry Murray was born in the early 19 th Century in the English countryside. He painted scenes (1850-1860)of English country life and wonderful sporting pieces filled with dogs, and horses on the hunt. He is best known for his strong almost human expressions on his animals. All his work is filled with warm and charm. many of his works were made into famous prints that can be found around the world. He died in the late 19th century in his beloved English Countryside.