Item #AT-0209

"Garden Party" Oil on Canvas by Charles T. Phelan (1840 - )


"Garden Party" Oil on Canvas by Charles T. Phelan (1840 - )This is a charming garden party with two little girls and their brother holding a fishing pole.

Framed in a period hand carved gilt frame.

American 19th Century



13.5"H x 10.5"W


21.5"H x 19" W

Charles T. Phelan was born in New York in 1840. He painted landscapes all over the eastern region, many of the New Jersey region. Most of his paintings include sheep following a path. Some of his grand landscapes have sweeping views of the eastern landscape. Some of the more important works have villages, and the villagers in the far of view. He was a pupil of Frederick Rondel (1826-1892) who was best remembered as the teacher of Winslow Homer.

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