Item #AT-0207

"Bouquet de Pivoines" by Liliane Silva Le Fur


"Bouquet de Pivoines" by Liliane Silva Le Fur Oil on Canvas

Framed in hand carved gilt frame.

French 20th Century



15"H x 18"W


23.5"H x 26.5" W


French born artist Liliane Silva Le Fur has formed a remarkable reputation in galleries across the globe. Many leading European art critics have praised her unique skill and the realism that she represents. Some important quotes from notable publications state:

“Le Fur’s work is so unique that it cannot be compared to anyone else’s. There is a great strength in her subject matter and in her expression of tranquility" L'Union Champaign Ardenne Picardie L'Ardennais

”Le Republican Laorrain wrote: “Le Fur’s work is both dreamlike and serene. It is like receiving a breath of fresh air.”

La Semaine das le Boulonnais remarks: “One finds in Liliane Le Fur’s paintings a transparency, both a lightness and luminosity that is handled with much grace.”

She is mostly famous for her light and breathy still life paintings, but is equally as famous for her portraits of beautiful women in the garden reading, or tending the garden, or simply illuminating beauty.

Ms. Le Fur has exhibited in nearly every major salon in France including Salon des Artistes Francais, and The Academie Francais Art & Science.