Item #AT-0179

"Autumn Mood" by Willem Hendriks, Jr. (1888 - 1966)



"Autumn Mood" by Willem Hendriks, Jr. (1888 - 1966)
Framed in carved silver gold gilt.




20"H x 24"W


26.75" H x 31"W

Willem Hendriks Jr.was born in the Netherlands outside of Brussels. A son of an established Dutch artist Willem Hendriks Sr. His father's work was more typical of early works by other Dutch painters of the late 19th Century.

Willem Hendriks Jr. took on the new style of the day, Impressionism. His style was much more interpretive than realistic. He was known for painting landscapes of trees in the woods with cows feeding in the sun filled meadow, and always next to a stream. He would paint in Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Occasionally he would use a small cottage in the background, and in few cases a person in the garden.

His pieces are instantly recognizable, and nearly always the same subject manor. Many of his works have been confused with the works of his father who mainly painted Dutch style landscapes, marine scenes, and family genre, but side by side the artists clearly demonstrate two different styles of painting.