Item #AT-0158

"Japonais de bouquet " Oil on Board by Stephen Bagnell (1930 - 1996)


"Japonais de Bouquet " Oil on Board by Stephen Bagnell (1930 - 1996)



30"H x 24"W


35" H x 29"W

Stephen Bagnell was born in Hackensack, New Jersey, January 4, 1930. As a young man he dreamed of becoming a cartoonist. He lived in New Jersey and eventually moved to Columbia County, Pennsylvania. Stephen Bagnell's work is often dark and moody with rich expression. His landscapes are luminous and full of movement. Bagnell painted only from imagination. His inspiration came from people he would see or a place he would recall, with his moods often reflected in the work. He had an ability to remember the nuances of a subject.

He worked in many mediums; oils and acrylics being his favorite. Over his lifetime he produced a considerable amount of sculptures as well. Early in his career he worked in marble, experimenting in plaster, with wood and clay eventually being his mainstay. Today his work is becoming more collectable than ever, as mid century art is on the rise.