Item #AT-0152

"Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, New Orleans" Watercolor signed
Anthony Shemroske (1921 - 2004


"Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, New Orleans" signed Watercolor
Anthony Shemroske (1921 - 2004)

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop is a tavern located on the corner of Bourbon Street and St. Philip Street. The tavern's building, built sometime before 1772, is one of the older still standing structures in New Orleans (the Ursuline Convent, for example, is older) and has been called the oldest continually occupied bar in the United States. According to legend the structure was once owned by the pirate Jean Lafitte, though as with many things involving Lafitte, no documentation of this exists.

Framed in Gilt Later Frame



17.75" H x 21.5"W

Anthony Shemroske was born on January 16 1921 in Illinois. He mainly painted in the mid century from the late 1940's until the late 1960's. He painted beach scenes, seascapes, scenes from Texas, New Orleans, and New Jersey.

He exhibited throughout the United States, and was sold in many fine galleries. He passed away on April 11 2004 in Lacombe, Saint Tammany, Louisiana.