Item #AT-00108

Miniature Portrait of "Marie Antoinette" after LeBrun

Miniature Portrait of Marie Antoinette Titled "Marie Antoinette à la Rose." Originally painted by Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun. Miniature copy signed "LeBrun" Framed in Ivory or Bone and Tortoiseshell style Frame


3.5"H x 2.75"W


5.5"H x 4.5"W


Vigée-Lebrun, (Marie Louise) Élisabeth

A favorite of the French queen, Marie Antoinette, Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun (1755-1842) began to support her mother and brother by painting portraits when she was only 15. She was one of the few women admitted to the Academie Royale in France. Perhaps best known for her portraits of members of Europe's royal families, many critics have called her "a woman before her time."

"Marie Antoinette à la Rose", one of the most famous portraits of Marie Antoinette; it was meant to counteract the scandal caused by the "muslin" dress portrait, by Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun

One small piece missing of frame.