Item #AA-0087
Framed Marriage License Gretna Scotland
"Joseph Hope and Mary Anne Castle 1830"


This is a wonderful framed marriage license of Joseph Hope and Mary Anne Castle dated July 29th 1830. On the bottom half is a small watercolor of Gretna Hall signed Hope (most likely Joseph Hope). This watercolor framed with the marriage licence is a sentimental remembrance from this young loving couple. Gretna Hall in Gretna Scotland was built in 1710. From 1792 Gretna Hall became a coaching inn and was the first stop coaches made as they crossed the border. In the late 18th and early19th centuries the aristocratic society would come to this famous town to elope. For 250 years Gretna Green has been associated with clandestine marriages, and is now one of the world’s most popular wedding locations.


26.5" Tall

16.5" Across